The Mixmats x BUA collaboration celebrates and honors the Turntable DJ and its origins. The evolution from analog to the current digital era has changed the culture but the use of turntables, mixers, and vinyl continues over 40 years later.

“The DJ” is a classic signature BUA piece. It represents the timeless late-night hours dedicated to DJ’s diggin’ in the crates, practicing and perfecting the craft using 2 turntables, vinyl records and a mixer as their instruments of choice. Their motivation originates from a love of music and hip-hop culture!

Mixmats is a social enterprise. They manufacture custom and limited edition slipmats for mixing, scratching and playing vinyl records, used by DJ’s, vinyl collectors and turntable enthusiasts. Their mission is to raise awareness and funding for music education and afterschool programs.

"To show our appreciation for your support. Thank You DJ's"

Eric B. & Rakim "Eric B. is President", 1986